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NIFT Placements

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NIFT Placements

A question that many candidates for NIFT ask me is - Where do NIFT students finally work ?

Well here is a list of placements that NIFT arranges or students arrange on their own. Please understand that this info has been collected from NIFT students and alumni all over India. I am not accountable for its correctness, in case somebody decided to give me wrong info. But let me assure you, everyone I asked had a decent level of sanity and as far as I know, the information is authentic and true.

Thank you to everyone who contributed! All the stuff I have written further is quoted from others.

PG placements
Hey, I'm working in United Colors of Benetton as a retail merchandiser for South east asia, enjoying my job to the fullest.
All the others are either working with brand or are in retail... doing good i believe. Companies where PG students got placed are -

GI, Shahi Exports, NIKE, Tommy, GAP, Li and Fung, Carrefour.

In india, PG students are placed very well in production as well as merchandising. After 3 yrs of experience in production, some of them are working as factory managers.

UG Technology placements
Well, the average package is around 2.8 per anum.
Students are hired as merchandisers, production managers, quality, retail.

Fashion Communication placements
I think most placements were in Visual Merchandising for Rs 20,000 average per month.
Ad Agency - JWT
Malvika Jain says - "Here are the companies that FC students have done internships in. So, you can get an idea of the possible jobs.
Styling and Fashion Journalism at magazines Elle, Marie Claire, F&A, Femina, Cosmopolitan.
Art person or Copywriter or Client servicing in Ad agencies like JWT, Ogilvy.
Graphic design at Whitelight, K factor, Illum design.

Photography with Ashish Chawla.
Visual Merchandising at Madura garments." For more FC jobs goto

Fashion Design placements

Students have completed NIFT and joined Manish Malhotra and Puja Nayyar. FD students are placed all over India...mostly export houses.

Many joined as junior designers and many got straight as head designers, visual merchandisers, graphic designers. Some joined NIFT as faculty, some freelanced and a few started on their own!

The students joined the following companies -

Color plus
London fog
Allen solly
Richa exports
Shahi exports
Much design studio
Landmark - Dubai
ITC wills
Gini and Jony
Prateek apparel

Leather Design Placements
Many LD seniors have been placed in export houses as designers. Students het jobs as leather apparel / accessory / product designers in the following companies -

-Crew BOS
-Bhartiya International

Textile Design placements
All are placed n doing gr8 with an avg. sal of 25k.
Students join not as junior designers, but as full fledged designers. They join the design team in the design studio and work there.
Madura, raymonds, ashima, arvind mills, portico, reliance, welspun,bharat vijay mills, bombay dyeing etc. along with numerous export houses

Knitwear Design Placements
You can eventually become a brand and a designer like Samant Chauhan.

I don't have an idea about all of them. But yes, I can give the names of a few of them. One person is working with Gokal Das exports. Other companies are Impulse, Monte Carlo and ITC Wills. For internship students are gong to Orient Craft, United Colors of Benetton, Madura Garments, India Terrain, Peter England and Raymonds.

Accessory Design Placements

Mostly jewellery like gili, geetangili, unidesign
Then lifestyle products like elvy, magppie, jindals .. and i think one in adidas.

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  1. @ROSHNI: I think u should go n talk to faculty n students. I can’t answer these Qs well enough.

  2. hi,
    dear how r u…………….

  3. hi malvika,

    thanx 4 ur support for nift aspirants. will u tell me which book has best material for nift preparation……….? waiting for ur reply


  4. @ROXY: dunno

  5. Dear Malvika,

    Thanks for taking time out for responding to queries regarding NIFT.

    About Myself : I am Indian and currently I am working for sales and marketing in one of the telecommunication company in Japan. I have been in professional life from last 10 years or so.

    Even though i am from technology field , since last year , me and my wife have been thinking on starting a new venture in fashion accessories ( we have some plans in mind).

    My Question : Can you please let me know , how do i connect with some graduates from NIFT who would be interested in working with a startup , of course as a partner or on low salary ( it depends on them) . I am not able to find a place where i can get in dialogue with NIFT graduates . What they think , what kind of things they are getting involved in these days.

    Here the point to note is i am not very sticky about graduates from NIFT only , i am looking for someone who is entrepreneurial and has good sense of design. Maybe from other college .

    Your help on this would be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  6. Mam, I just want to know if nift offers any kind of placement for the students of one year certificate program.

  7. Hi Malvika!

    Im so glad i found you! I hope you can help me fix my dilemma!
    I ve done my B.E and followed it up with Masters in management but realise I have no interest in working in tht field. I ve always wanted to be a fashion stylist n wanted to know which would be the right course to choose in NIFT.
    I spoke to a student frm NIFT and heard tht the short term(one year) evening courses dont really serve the purpose. Do i have to complete my bachelors degree in NIFT ?? If not which stream under the evening courses should I choose to be best equipped as a stylist?

  8. @ramya: i dunno abt evening courses.

  9. @nitin: Ask NIFT dept heads for the yahoo/googlegroup email address of the batch that just passed out. That’s the best way i think.

    Or try contacting randomly across facebook, going from one nift person u know to another.

    you can also just show up at nift and talk to final year students. though you must keep in mind, that a lot of real world sense comes AFTER half or 1 year of leaving NIFT and doing a job.

  10. Hi Malavika!
    I am an advertising and communications professional who is extremely passionate about the fashion industry and dream of pursuing a career
    in the premium retail apparel industry. Unfortunately since I lack relevant experience in the field, no one from the industry is willing to hire
    me as they require someone with experience in retail. Hence, I have planned to take up the MFM course offered by NIFT Chennai. How good are the career prospects once you finish the course and how good is the pay structure?.
    The pay in particular is of importance to me as I already have 5.5 years experience in advertising and branding and wish to make more than what I am getting at present
    once I finish the course.
    It would be of great help to me if you could give me your valuable comments on this matter as soon as possible.

  11. Hello Mam,
    I m in 3rd year in Apparel production,n will pass out in 2011.

    Actually i want to start my own buissiness garment related after doing 3-4 yr that i can gain some experience.i need an advice frm u that what kind of buisiness should i start?

  12. @rt: sorry for late reply. MFM course should definitely get u placed in the area u want. a good start in the direction u want to pursue. i dunno abt pay structure. i did a grad course. pls talk to MFM seniors.
    Do chk out the fashion management programmes @ for global dum.

  13. hey malvika!!! i ve done my bbm and i want to do mfm…is the entrance like a mgt test or does it require to hav some basic knowledge wrt design??

  14. @Ramya
    Try working at Collage, Chennai. You can gain a lot of experience as Stylist and eventually specialize in LifeStyle Store Management.

  15. is nift better than a lawyer i mean i hv appered for both n hopefully wl get selected in both plz di can u tel which wl b good for my future regarding salaries n al .

  16. di ya i wanna tel dat m a bit money minded girl pls do tel in which field i hv money as wel as fame pls answer soon.

  17. hey, i got 930 rank in general category…. i jus wanna know whether i could wait for the nift councilling or jus go to architecture…coz ive got a good NATA score…plz help me…im very tensed….

  18. hi ramya, i had the same dilemma. I chose NIFT. Forget course, expenses etc. Just see if you want to make buildings or clothes for the rest of your life. After NIFT you can also move in the business of fashion and become merchandiser/ retail manager etc.

  19. @ramya:
    actually, what i did was.. pull up year by year syllabus of nIFT and an architecture course and saw what excited me, what i wanted to be studying..what i could put my head to.

    architecture was liek – studying building century by century. studying joining bricks, making arches, domes etc Learning about facades, styles, space optimisation, building materials, ventilation etc etc

    fashion was garment construction, fashion history, draping & pattern-making

    just see what interests you.. thats all. would you rather be surrounde with fabric all day long and worry about buttons and cuts and colours; or would you rather put your head to buildings like cinemas complexes, IT offices, residential projects …

  20. i seriously wanna get into nift but im n sure whether im gonna get a seat in nift for my rank….

  21. hiii maam i got 1148 rank in b.des…..what r my chances..i have been waitlisted

  22. hi, i hav gt 373 rank and i have been wait listed in the obc category is there any chance of me getting into nift nw …… !!

  23. m waiting yaar

  24. Do u have any idea as to how many ppl drop out….i mean any approximate no. ??

  25. Hey Malvika di! I got 329 rank in nift and my queries are
    1. Whether i should go for knitwear designing in delhi or fashion designing in RaeBareli or other new centres?
    2. Is there any hope of changing your branch after an year if you performed great in semesters?
    3. If i get knitwear and unable to get fd after an year so whether i should stick to it or give nift exam again?

  26. @shivani: no idea.

  27. how abt me … plz reply ..!!

  28. hi malvika… m ayushi n i guess m d newest to ur blog!!
    n firstly tankyou cz trust me it relly helped me a lot 4 my situation test… considering iv never joined any particular coaching class for the same…
    honestly i was never a nift aspirant… bt iv got 260 air n was wonderin wat r my chance??? also wanted to knw,, which out of the 2 *fd n fc* is better…
    m really confussed… need ur help!
    waitin for ur reply!!

  29. forgot 2 mentn got ds rank in d general category…

  30. Hey Malvika..I Got 383 rank in the NIFT entrance exam..I really wand FD in NIFT Bangalore..Do u Think I Can get Bangalore wth ths Rank…Any Idea??

  31. hey malvika.. m frm lamartinere girls,lko… was d editor last year… love ur magazne.. hav tried to make mine as good as urs was..i had a lil prob…hav gt 402 rank in nift.. interested in fashion communication.. know i wnt get delhi wid dis rank.. so which out of bangalore,hyderabad,n mumbai wud b best????

  32. Hey Malvika di!
    jus got my NIFT AIR viz 596…do u think tht i could make it to nift banagalore…if not temme what is best after it for ad ppl….i m not to fond of handicrafts n footwear n bags…more towards industrial cum product design…
    i wud nt mind jewelry to…but tht will be last resort.

  33. @ayushi: good rank. FC n FD lead to different careers. chk NIFT placements blog-post on this blog n make ur decision.

  34. @krishangi: hey..nice to talk to lmgc ed :) i think out of the centres u hav named mumbai wud be the best. just guessing. no info. u see mumbai was the first centre after Delhi to offer FC. but with 402.. u may not get FC at a good centre at all..

  35. @malvika…hey i need your help pleasee give me an idea about the rankings of different nift centres……its urgent please help

  36. hi mam, y do they select some students ad put them in the waiting list . are those waiting list students also selected ? ad what do they mean by waiting list ? is it that only if the shortlisted people back out they will get a seat or so ? plz do reply . i wl be waiting 4 ur reply .

  37. Hi mam, I have got 76th rank (B.FTech) , What centre should I chose taking in consideration placement , infra etc. Do the NIFT guys help male condidates find accomodation?? I’m from Delhi , what r the approx living expenses in Mumbai

  38. hi malvika mam!! its aditya suman i secured 3 rank but since being a science student im unaware of courses would u plz suggest which stream to choose and which collegw will be the best plz answer at earliest i am biwildred

  39. hey i got 183 rank in bftech…
    wat r my chances of getting placed in hyderabad gandhinagar or bangalore?
    if i get placed in any of them…will i get a good placement?

  40. @ ritu : FD in NIFT bangalore wid 383….will b tough…..!!!

  41. hey malvika, i need ur help…. i will be leaving to delhi on the 16th of june for my counselling and im confused whether to opt for foot wear or knit wear …. wch do u think has a more scope in the future …… plz reply ….. im waiting for ur reply … aasimah … :) :)

  42. hay arnab u can also post comment since i m in need of support plz help me plz

  43. hiii malvika,i hv secured 155th rank in general category in NIFT2010[B.FTECH,AP] m confused dat which collg. wud i get at d tym of counselling n if available which colgs sud i opt for.!!….plz do sum help….also i need to ask dat if i m eligible to take UPSC xam after getting a b.ftech degree fron NIFT..??…PLZ REPLY SOON…

  44. hey malvika..i gt a rank of 488air and i want to take FD OR FC at mumbai or banglore….is tat possible with this rank..if nt which other field should i opt for and which center??

  45. which one is better nift kolkata or symbiosys as far as fd course is concerned????

  46. hi … i want to know about d nift mfm course its placement,pay package n job profile…. can u plzz help meee

  47. I am a student in NIFT Gandhinagar and am going to be in the second year. I wanted to know about the placement systems in nift …like whether the college would provide the internship or whether i will have to look for myself…???

  48. any one NIFT delhi Ad….

  49. wic option a student generally opt
    KNITWEAR DESIGNING in nift delhi
    TEXTILE DESIGNING in nift mumbai

  50. Hey mate, thanks for writing but this page doesn’t format correctly in Netscape it is showing only half the page.

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