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Jobs for Fashion Communication, NIFT students

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All the candidates who apply to the Fashion Communication program at NIFT are curious as to what jobs it will land them. Here is the article that tells you what’s out there for you. I am about to complete my fourth year at NIFT.<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->
There are some ready-made jobs and there are jobs that you will have to create for yourself. You study so many things in FC that you know a little of everything when you leave. The internships and elective courses at FC do push you towards you interests but it’s still a sea. It is your job to decide what exactly you want to do exactly and where you wish to specialize.
A big choice to make at the end of the course is whether you want to go right into fashion or not. For some, it’s not a tough call.Here is what my class of 35 people are doing.1 Advertising - Copywriters and Art
FC really helps you towards this career.
2 Fashion journalists for Elle, Marie Claire, Femina, Harper's Bazaar3 Fashion Photographers for magazines, newspapers, designers4 Fashion stylists at Elle, Marie Claire, Femina, F&A. Fashion stylists imagine and implement the look of a collection, or for a photo shoot. They collect the garments, props and compose looks for a romantic shoot in green lawns, or a grungy image for levi's or the entire Vogue magazine. According to Instituto Marangoni: Fashion stylists are experts of image and style. Their work is creative and mindful of trends; they must identify the finest styles and offer a well-coordinated image. Fashion stylists are essential to a collection's success.5 Graphic designers at various companies like K factor, Whitelight

7 Visual Merchandisers for brands like Benetton, Shopper's Stop, Madura. They do window displays, in-store display, sometimes even packaging keeping in mind the brand image, items to be promoted/ sold off first and ease+entertainment in shopping. It's about designing an environment and the customer's interaction with the brand.

8 Fashion Promotion (After post grad) - According to Instituto Marangoni: Fashion promoters plan the advertising campaigns and organise the product's promotion through the right channels. They organise presentations, events and catwalks reflecting the image of the company. They organise the press and public relations offices. Fashion promoters create links with marketing agencies, style studios, advertisers, graphic designers and service suppliers. 9 Fashion Brand Managers (After post grad)

According to Instituto Marangoni:
Brand managers produce a collection by defining its fashion contents, its price level and its target audience. Their job is to study the entire fashion panorama, define the competition, manage the development of a new collection and plan its promotion and distribution.


This is what you learn in FC -
Fashion Photography
Marketing, Retail Management
Branding and Corporate Identity
Visual Merchandising
Styling - Putting together the look of a model for lets say, a photo-shoot
Fashion forecasting
Studying fashion trends
Visual Merchandising
Computers - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver, Flash, Corel, AutoCAD, 3DMax which means you can create graphics, develop webpages, edit videos, do animation and do desktop publishing. What I have to think of now is about personal growth possible in the few streams I have narrowed it down to. But you know what, all the fundas dont work after a while. Its good to get in only if its passion that keeps you driving. Having made all the decisions, you have to be happy selecting garments for a model to wear for the photo-shoot, isn't it?
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  1. hey malvika di,

    i am a 12th grade student and i really am dying to join the fashion journalism sector..i’m taking the entrance classes for NIFT and want to know about the future of this sector..and my parents are warning me about the low pay packages of this sector…is it so that the pay packets are very low..10000-15000???
    and please please please reply…you’re my last hope… :(

  2. hey malvika…read ur blogs… its jus awesome… i jus wan u t guide me… hv completed my graduation bba) n i jus wan t do sum related to fashion… i wan my future job in sumthin related to fashion…m jus addicted to shoppin.. m gr8 me sumthin…is there any short term courses… i wan to make my career in dis field…help me out..

  3. Hi, I have got 339 rank . Do FD and FC stand a chance in Delhi or

  4. ma’m could you just tell me whether there is any kind of campus selection after we get the UG degrees from nift???

  5. Ahoy,
    Yesterday was my counselling. Fortunately, I got FC – Delhi. Had some questions!!?
    1) Is Textile Designing better than FC in terms of scope, though I can’t change anything now(But still, Self satisfaction :p)?
    2) Do we need a laptop during our Bachelor’s degree?
    3) Do we need a Camera[professional one], Since we have a subject called Fashion photography.

    P.S :: Awesome Blog! Got great help while preparing for Situation test.

    - Thanks.

  6. Ahoy,
    Day before yesterday was my Counselling. Fortunately, I got FC – Delhi.
    Had some questions!!?
    1) Is Textile better than FC in terms of scope. Though I can’t change anything now, but still – ‘Self Satisfaction’ :p
    2) Do we need a Laptop during our Bachelor’s Degree?
    3) Do we need a Camera[Professional one]? Since we have a Subject called Fashion Photography.
    4) Umm.. I have FC as my subject. Can we do M.Des lalety choosing textile as my subject? I mean, Not necessary to choose Communication design since I dnt have Textile designing In the Bachelor’s degree?

    P.S :: Awesome Blog! Got great help while preparing for Situation test.

    - Thanks

  7. congratulations kunwar.
    1) both lead to different careers so its not comparable. chq other posts to get a betr idea.
    2. u do not. most of us bought desktops at reasonable rates.
    3. many ppl bought their cams. the students really serious abt photography got expensiv digital SLRs. rest got manual. i wasnt really into photography and just borrowed college cam which u can do on daily basis for photography module.
    4. u can do m.des at places liek iit n all.. but u cant become a fashion deisgner (liek apparel designer) because u wudnt hav been trained for that.

  8. hi dhara-dhara-shudh-dhara, y dont u chk out the short term courses on the nift website. u can do a masters course to and become a merchandiser or buyer.. smthng tht wud totally make use of your shopping addiction.

  9. HI ananya,
    all ths starts at low pay..but depending on how good u are..u can become editor etc and earn lots. u mus hav a distinct and very engaging writing style. also u must be the authority in fashion .. KNOWING all the latest trends, ongoings so that ur writing is not amateur. dekh lo.. ths is a very passion driven area. go for it if u’re sure u’ve got what it takes.

  10. Hey Malvika-Chan, first of all, thanks for being kinda specific. It helps and restores faith. Haha! Anyway, here’s the query.. I have secured the 63rd rank in the NIFT exam this year and I am willing to take up FC but what bugs me is which college out of NIFT Delhi and NIFT Mumbai is a better option for a course like FC.

    I hope you can help me out before the counseling this 19th.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. I didn’t get my 4th question clear. You said, ”u can do m.des at places liek iit n all.. but u cant become a fashion deisgner (liek apparel designer) because u wudnt hav been trained for that.”
    I wanted to know that whether I can choose Textile as my subject while doing M.Des. It is not compulsary naa? To choose Communication design because I have FC in my bachelor’s degree?

    I don’t know mam, I am confused. I think textile was my thing! Even the counsellor exclaimed that Textile designers are in huge demand! Did I opt for a wrong subject? I have been through your Blog several times. There was nothing about textile designers. My bad :( .
    At last, FC is good naa? As in, in terms of placements and scope? Can you tell me about the highest placement you have heard so far in FC? I’ll appreciate that.

    - Thank you once again.

  12. Hi Malvika this is Preeti (I asked a question on October 18th, 2009 on this post which you answered to)
    I took your advice and did exactly as you said, I wrote articles which are on my blog and mailed my resume along with the link to this blog finally I got my dream job. I work at StyleSpeak magazine as a junior writer… Thanks a lot for your advice. Do read my blog and comment on it as you inspired me to take the initiative of starting a blog. Do comment it would mean a lot to me to know what you think. Thanks once again…… :)
    God Bless!!!

  13. @ Preeti: wow.. ths makes me really happy! congratulations.. i will now go through your articles. I hope that after a great run at stylespeak (6 months or so), u’ll join the top mags like Elle, Verve, H Bazaar, Femina, Vogue India etc. Check out the fashion blog – NOnsense on Stilletoes by a writer called Blue Floppy Hat.
    Also look at

  14. i have go 1083 rnk nd m in waiting list.. cld u plz tell me which centres will i get….??? counselling on 26th…

  15. Thanks a lot you are the sweetest, you even followed my bog

  16. Thanks a ton for the assistance Malvika! Got NIFT Delhi Fashion Communication, just what i wanted !! Would love to stay in touch with you, send me a message on my id, or maybe i could connect with you through Facebook! By the way, what advertising agency are you working for?

  17. ma’m u dinna answer to my question….

  18. Hi!
    I am studying a fashion desining degree course frm soft pune I am confused which field I would take fashion comm. or fashion designer because i want do a job so which field as a widder scope as per ur or mkt point of view plz specify .

  19. Hi, I am in the 12th grade and looking at joining NIFT Bangalore in the coming academic year. Would be grateful for any information. :)

  20. malvika , myself Rohan I am student of NIFT hyderabad 2nd year.i am pursuing B.ftech (appreal production) but after completing my graduation i want to do the job of F.C .can you pls tell me how it is difficult to get a job of F.C without any degree of F.C with a Degree of B.Ftech.and on which subject i have to focus on to get a Job of F.C.

  21. Hi malavika,

    Am a FD V student in NIFT. I would like to know about internship abroad. I have applied for the universities like UNIVERSITY OF DREAMS, IEP JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY. how worth is doing internship abroad? or can you assist me with any other foriegn institutes for doing my internships abroad.

  22. hi malvika mam…. i m studing in final yr. of my eng. in manipal ” print and media technology”… but i m very much passionate about organizing fasn show,teaching the style sense during walkig the ramp,and very much passionate about fasn photography.
    my grup has already won so many prize and i got so many complments for my photography.

    pls suggest me any feild or course for my self satisfaction….

    pls suggest my future :)

  23. Ma’am ur blog was quiet helpful but i ahve a few more queries. I m almost done wid my Fashion n Apparel Designing at NIFT. For Post graduation in Fashion Communications..which colleges shall be d best?..In India or even outsyd India?

  24. heyaa..!!
    i m in 11th
    i want to take up fashion communication..!!
    neither am i tooo good at writing nor at photography..but i REALLY REALLY want to do it, i have always wanted to..!
    i speak reallly well..a god communicator u can say..!!
    an average fashion knowlege..i was thinking of my carrer now
    do u think FC is my thing??

  25. Hi Malavika Ma’am,
    I am studying in Std 12th in Mumbai. Want to study fashion communication. I have read the details about FC given by you. Please advice if I should do regular graduation along with a FC course from any Institute in Mumbai. Can you suggest a good Mumbai college for doing FC and the admission procedure for it. How much will be the fees? Do we have to buy the required equipments like camera..etc?
    It will be good if you can guide me. Thanks

  26. hie…
    wat is d least salary expctd after doin fc??

  27. i’m a 12th grade student..i really wana enter into i have a few questions..plz clear dem..
    1) what exactly does FC comprise of?
    2) are the admission tests for NIFT very difficult to pass?
    3)i know FC and FD both r different but which one is better?

  28. hey ash u will get through the xam dont worry!!!
    u will get into NIFT

  29. hi i m a bcom 1st yr student ……..i ws always passionate abot fashion n everythng related to dat……i m gud at drawing n wana go for fc entrace test in d cming yr…….i wana knw if study material frm rathore vl wrk fr d prepartion as i cnt go for d crash course for preparation…….???
    is d test very difficult…….???
    wat rank i hv to hold to gt fc ……….???

  30. hey Malvika,
    really liked your blog….
    I am an Eng. Lit. graduate who is now pursuing fashion. I just wanted to know,which campus amongst the NIFT campuses is better for fashion communication – Delhi or Mumbai?
    It would be really helpful for me if you let me know.
    Thanks! :)

  31. Thanks Malvika! A very comprehensive blog. Lucky that I stumbled onto it!!! It clarifies doubts of not only the students, but also of parents like me, who are clueless about FC, but their children have taken up this course. At least now I know what my daughter is headed for!!! BTW, she is doing FC at SID, Pune.

  32. hi mam,
    its really impressive and inspiring article.
    now i can say i have choosen the right track.
    here is abhishek, NIFT-HYDERABAD,(FC)

  33. Hi Malkvika Didi,
    I m a mass communication student doing my FYBMM.But i m vry much interested in Fashion also and want to do communications in tht field.
    i dint kno much abt FC but now i do …n would want to do FC in future.
    But nw m confused whether to do a proper FC course of 4 yrs undergradute frm NIFT aft my BMM degree is ova or should i change it next year itself.
    m feeling realy confused about the fact tht whether i hav done a mistake by taking bmm n not dirctly takin FC or hw will it benefit me..
    PLEASE help me i reli would wanna kno wat should i do now?

  34. ma’m could you just tell me whether there is any kind of campus selection after we get the PG degrees from nift???

  35. hi i m a bcom 2st yr student ……..i ws always passionate abot fashion n everythng related to dat…… i wana go for pg entrace test in d cming yr…….i wana knw if study material fr d prepartion as i cnt go for d crash course for preparation…….???
    is d test very difficult…….???
    wat rank i hv to hold to gt pg in fd ……….???

  36. Heyy Malvika,
    :) Its Noopur here..
    i would like to ask you about taking an internships in mumbai as a part of fashion in magazine, photgraphy, graphics, do you knw anywhere should i apply for? i need it soon from 22nd of may 2011.
    will be waitin for your reply

  37. hey malvika i liked ur blog.. :) i m planning to give the entrance test for fashion communication at NIFT,Mumbai.dis yr. how do i go about wid it…. do need to attend the coaching classes for the same, if yes can u plz suggest some in mumbai.

  38. hey maam….i got 392 rank…what centers wud i be able to get?

  39. hi malvika..m in 12th grade rite nw n preparin for nift entranc…i wnt 2 noe dat what is d xact preparation required for the test…plz help me…thnx.

  40. thax a lot

  41. dear malvika,
    thanks for your info..actually rite now i am in search for a internship program please help me out…rite now i completed my first nift fc..kangra ..please help me out.

  42. Hi Di,

    i got 198th rank(GEN).
    I am going 4 nift counselling on june 19th.
    I wish to join FD.But i doubt getting that option.So i keep FC as the second option.
    I hope you got passed out from NIFT. I’m curious abt ur job.
    & i wud lyk 2 knw what all possible jobs are offered by FC..

  43. hi malvika
    i m a in mi last year of graduation in…planing 2 do fashion communication 4m ITALY MILAN…can u plz plz plz tell me wht r scope in dis particular field…!! like wht r the job options after doing dis field…n wht is value of the milan degree in india…!! i m very focus bout it decision bt jus a small question came in my mind which is very important….dis will help me clear mi parents queries…!!please please please help me out 4m dis….

    thank you

  44. hiiiii
    ma’m i m raju from nift kangra and my trade is fc
    (2nd year student) and really i want too know about the feature of this field, basically my intension to coming in this field is become a publice personalty ……and for my dream i do any thing…………….. plz guide me

  45. hi…. malvika mam i am persuing 3rd yr in fashion technology.i wana know how can i prepare myself 4 the entrance exam in m.ftech nift.

  46. Hello mam, i am nishi i am doing third year but i want to go in fashion industeries .i want to do f.c so please tell me about fashion comunication college and all details about f.c .

  47. Hello mam, i am nishi i am doing third year but i want to go in fashion industeries .i want to do f.c so please tell me about fashion comunication college and all details about f.c .and mam please also tell me what egilbilty want to in f.c what skills wanted

  48. wo wo wo…i can do anything fr nift addmission…even i can face my books…bt i’m still in 11th grade…to abhi mai padai nai karunga bt can anybdy help me out with the entrance exam sample papers of nift??? help me…do save ma day..

  49. hey Malvika,
    Have been following your blog for a long time now, must say real helpful stuff . Well, here is the thing I’m taking a drop for nift and I’m really FREAKED out! I know a lot of people who couldn’t make it to nift and a lot others who were pretty good at the art stuff but could only make it to average nift centers. I scored 90% n stuff in 12th but realized that FC was my true calling :P …but seriously I’m very scared! I guess I’m a little above average artiest with no such formal training so I’m clearly no good with designs and inspired creativity (hope i m underestimating myself ) so yeah I’m completely clueless. Any advise is welcomed.
    P.S- i have to make it to nift delhi or Bangalore , its like my new found dream :P

  50. heya hii mam…v.gud noon.first of all im v.happy to come across your blog..itz v.informative.thanxx a looot for ur advices.i’m currently done wid my graduation in B.E(E.C.E).i js blindly opted for ECE in my graduation.but later on realized tat im js engineer by profession but a fashion oriented and more of a creative guy by i wanna change my path to a completly new field.i completed my BE wid 50.2%,n now im scared dat will it affect my career in this perticular field.and m i eligible for this course wid graduation in BE and masters for FT….??and recently i contacted a consultancy head who manages admissions for any kinda heighr education.he suggested me tat,go to singapore or malasia where tere are some gud fashion tech schools like raeffels etc etc…i dnt kno mch abt these schools please do suggest me of now im preparing for NIFT im eagerly waiting for ur rep…n ihope u do suggest me wid best u can.thnkxx in adv.

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