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Details of Fashion Communication @ NIFT

Undergraduate design course. Gets you a B.des degree.

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Communication concepts & processes

Branding & Retail Management

Principles of Marketing

Visual Merchandising

Graphic design

Packaging design

Web design (just design, not coding/scripting)

Publication design

Fashion Journalism

Fashion Forecasting

Fashion Styling

Photography (Studio and outdoor, black and white and color, fashion and product shoots)

Design software – Photoshop, corel, flash, dreamweaver, 3d max


History of Costume

Public Relations

Media Studies

Integrated Term Project (Research on a chosen topic. Ends in some creative work)

+ A visit to a craft village in Madhya Pradesh or Gujarat or West Bengal for a week. Example of my Craft Cluster Project: Study of silk weaving in remote villages near Shanti Niketan, India. It was followed by documentation, designing of posters and the development of a documentary film with my group members.

We also did a one month internship in 3rd year and a 6 month training/internship/project in fourth year.

You get the opportunity to work at one of the fashion weeks either as ushers or assistants to buyers.

At the end of third year, we had the option of an exchange programme to London, Italy, Toronto. I went for one semester but I believe you can now even go for one year (two semesters).

Fashion communication gives one a good design and industry knowledge. So while you learn to do creative stuff like graphic design and fashion writing, you also learn a good amount to go ahead and make a career in fashion as a promoter, manager. Yes, FC is very fashion related. However, people do go into non-fashion areas like advertising and pure graphics at design studios or places like MTV. I don’t think NIFT is a very good place to go to if you want to do pure pure design without a tinge of glamour – like studying printing techniques and inks. The foundation programme which is common for all courses in the first year teaches you about elements of design, making stuff of materials like clay/ fabric/ paper and metal.

The way we work at FC: Lecture classes, lots of projects, lots and lots of presentations, a submission every other day in addition to exams at the end of the semester and mid-sem as well. Something like 85% attendance is necesaary. As opposed to other courses in which students spend lots of time in labs, FC students are free birds who sit through daytime classes and then rush home to their own computers to do work. So how you manage your time is your wish. FC lab has awesome mac computers but students choose the comfort of working at their own comps at home at any time they like. Lots of team-work. Visiting faculty brings in expertise and industry contacts too.

Clarification: NIFT doesn’t teach animation. Any short term course at APTECH etc is better than NIFT any day to learn animation.

For further details, check two blog posts, the first on placements and the second on FC jobs.

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  1. Hi Malavika… my nift entrance rank is 443. Have I any chance of making it to Delhi, Bombay or Banglore for FC??…If i don’t get in the top 3 can i change my choice? take up FD or somdin else??

  2. hey malvika
    Nice blog :)
    i am interested in FC course to become professional fasahion photographer.
    my Q is that – in subject of photography in FC is they give practical training of studio lights and about camera equipments ???

  3. Hi Malvika,

    I’m an IT Professional. But, I want to work in the Fashion Industry. I was thinking of going for the 1 year CE program in NIFT (Fashion Design). But, now I’m in Chennai and I want to know
    1) how is NIFT Chennai? Will it be worth doing a CE course in NIFT Chennai?
    2) will it help me to join the fashion industry if I do the CE course? Does it have a value?

    Your quick response will be appreciated.


  4. hi
    i’m a 12 standard and i really need help right now as i have to choose the line i need to take up after i just wanted to know what things i can do in fashion communicationplease suggest ASAP. Thanks

  5. Hi Malavika,
    I do a lot of volunteering work for Art of Living and for other public causes which touches me. As a part of reaching out to the public I need to design flyers, logos et al. Can you help me with contacts on who can do a “quality job” at nominal costs.

    Given that I dont earn money in these initiatives coupled with my penchant for high quality work, I am mostly at a loss on how to get good creatives/visuals.
    your help will be most appreciated.

  6. Dear Malavika,
    Can you give me your mail id or cell number? I do work for the world largest NGO and need your inputs.

  7. Hi Malavika,
    I do a lot of volunteering work for Art of Living and for other public causes which touches me. As a part of reaching out to the public I need to design flyers, logos et al. Can you help me with contacts on who can do a “quality job” at nominal costs.

  8. Is there a major difference between Mass Communication and Fashion Communication? In Graduation Course.

  9. Hey! So I want to apply for the FC course. Is the admission test similar to the one for design? Would we be needing math too?

  10. Please could you tell a little about the final graduation project that is to be done in semester VIII?
    I am in FC…

  11. Hello.
    Waddup Malvika?
    ok.. i know u got alot f comments to reply to..
    so m hoping u’l get to my query sometime :)
    anyways..uhmm.. m jus gonna start fc in mumbai dis yr.. NIFT
    .. and i wanted to know.. whether a laptop is more important or a camera..?
    ..or both…?
    and if a camera, den a pro or a digi can do..?
    lemme kno asap ok..
    thanks a lot dude.

  12. Hay. i’m joining NIFT Hyderabad soon under FC. my question is should i buy me a macbook or just windows laptops and will the softwares needed like photoshop, 3d max etc will be installed to our personal laptops for free by the university so that we can do our work on them. Cause some of these softwares are damn expansive.

  13. hello malvika… i plan to do fashion communication in NIFT
    but confused as to which city to apply:/
    could you help please
    mumbai or delhi?

  14. hey malvika mam,i am a girl of class 10 and i am like really passionate about designing.Its great to know that people like you are there to provide assistance to the needy. I have got no one to provide me the actual now how about fashion industry. i have heard a lot about NIFT,and would love to be a part of it.

    can you please tell me the subjects i need to make stronger now,and how to enhance my aesthetics senses,and become more creative ? please help.

  15. Is there a 1 year or lesser duration fashion communication course in NIFT Mumbai ? When is it ?

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