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NIFT Counselling experience with info on ST, SC, PHP, OBC

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Huge thanks to Piyuja, Apala and Rakhi for providing all this info. Read on for their experiences at the UG Design Counseling session of NIFT, 2009:

Piyuja, one of the NIFT UG Design candidates in 2009 clarified:

In the general category counselling only 15 seats for every course in every centre were offered out of 30; including FC. The rest 15 went for the reserved categories!!!


“Hey Malvika ma’am…!!!
I finished 12th this year and bagged 26th rank in NIFT entrance. My counseling was on 12th June. I went for ST category counseling. The counseling was a sort of stampede or something. I opted for FD as my course.

The session started from 9:30 am. We were the 1st ones to reach the campus I guess. The counseling for PHP (Physically handicapped people) candidates took place first, then OBC, then SC and then ST. So I was there in Indira Gandhi hall since morning till the General category counseling begun.

In the beginning, the NIFT people gave us a sort of idea about the different centers so as to clear our confusions. They said that there is nothing like ”This institution is better than that. Just opt for the course and choose the centre next. Go for a centre near to your home.”

While PHP had around 3, 4 seats at every centre, SC/ST had just about 1 or 2. But still PHP candidates were not always getting the centre of their choice as desired seats filled up so fast. I met a girl from Bihar. She was a PHP candidate. She got 8th rank. She wanted Delhi as her centre but she could not get it because till her turn came the seats for FD in Delhi were over. So she opted for FD, Kolkata.It was like impossible to get a seat in FD or FC. There was a craze for these two courses and their seats were getting filled up first. Many of the seats in AD, TD and KD were left. When the counseling for the PHP candidates was over I could still see the same number of seats remaining there, untouched. I wanted FD in Delhi but you know there were just 2 seats in Delhi, 3 in Mumbai, 2 in Hyderabad, 2 in Kolkata and so on. In FC, there were even less. I was nearly in tears because the seats were just getting filled like anything. The seats were filling up like 1st Delhi, then Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and so on. It was almost like a nightmare. Once I thought to opt for FC because the seats for FD in Delhi got filled up but soon FC was also over.

A girl sitting next to me was from Meghalaya. She had 18th rank but before her turn could have come, the seats in Mumbai and Delhi were filled up. So she dropped NIFT and left. I just left everything to the Almighty, like whatever will happen will be good for me. At last I opted for FD, Hyderabad. I did not want to go for Chennai or some other centers. I hope it will be the best for me.

During the session, everybody was clueless about how it was going on. I was in the ST category but counseling for all the categories took place in front of me. We were like sitting and getting tense as the calls were made. 1st of all the SC and PHP candidates were called. We got so fed up that once my Dad got up and went to one of the faculty members and asked "Hamara call ayega ki hum log jayen." lol. They said to wait for some time. People were really unhappy with the type of counseling which took place. But everything has to be taken; after all it is India's top most fashion institute which has got a reputation equal to that of IIT or AIIMS.
Being a science student with PCB as my subjects I opted for NIFT so as to do something different. I am creative and this is my passion. That is all my blood knows; will dedicate even the last drop of my blood to achieve my dream. With passion within and God overhead I am ready to launch myself, wishing success as I move forward. Let it be NIFT Delhi or NIFT Hyderabad, talent can come up on its own. I hope I am a success ahead.”

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


“I just read some of the posts on counseling experience at NIFT and seems like I had a completely different experience altogether.
Well, this is what I thought about my counseling.

I cleared my NIFT entrance and was lucky enough to get the 47th rank in the OBC category. My counseling was on the 19th of June, 2 pm. We reached the place by 1pm or something and so we had to wait outside the gates till 1.30.

By 1.30 we were let in. The IG hall wasn't open. So then we had to wait again. Later on the doors were opened and we were seated inside. Though the counseling was scheduled to begin at 2, there was some delay. And then it wasn't until after 2.30, that a lady from the design dept and another person came up front. And then they started talking' about NIFT and the various courses offered and all that. The lady explained each and every course for about 6 or 7 minutes.
Finally, some people came and they started the process. The 1st ranker's name was called up. And one by one, every one's name according to their rank was called. Some of them were absent.

Now, when your name is called, you have to go up front and put your signature on the attendance sheet. Then you are asked to sit somewhere in the front row until one of the verifying officers finish verifying the people who were called up earlier.

And then when your turn comes you take your documents to one of them. If you have arranged both your originals and attested photocopies in the order that is mentioned in the check list, things become smoother. (You have to write your name, roll no and rank at the back of the DD and the 6 photos). They verify the attested copies first and then later on you have to show them the originals. Once everything is verified you are asked to wait until your name is called up for a 2nd time. That’s when you specify the course and centre of your choice.

By the time my document verification was over only the 5th/6th rank had been called up for the 2nd time. But then things seemed 2 be moving fast. Maybe it was because my eyes were fixed on the screen on which the seat-availability was displayed. So while waiting for my turn, I saw that the FDseats @ Delhi (8 were offered for OBC) were taken up soon one after the other, until the screen showed '0' for FD Delhi. Then it was FC Delhi’s turn. But some people went for LD and TD @ Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Finally, I was called inside. I was totally blank at that time. I wanted FD Delhi. And I was confused about my second choice which was between FD Mumbai or FC Delhi. And that’s when my dad came to my rescue. They verified my documents once again and asked what my choice was. I just couldn’t say anything and that's when my dad simply jumped in and said 'FC Delhi'. And I was so relieved that finally it was over. Then they gave me the receipt for the 1st semester fees and asked me to bring it on the 27th.

Inside that room, people representing the various other centers were present and if you have any doubts regarding your centre; like the hostel or something, you can clear your doubts then and there itself.

So, as far as I am concerned, except for the minor delays in the beginning and some confusion regarding the documents and DD, the counseling was not at all a messy affair.

And so all you have to do is that make sure you have all the required documents and keep them in the right order and make sure that there are no problems regarding your DD, and also be ready to accept your quick decisions regarding course and centre selection.”


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  1. Excuse, I have thought and have removed a question

  2. CIT Campus is the worst place where NIFT could have started. The people out here are pathetic. NIFT Boys hostel was attacked by the whole CIT college on March 5th, 2011 but the news never went out from this place. The destruction was immense and the only thing that didn’t happen that night was a loss of life. Nobody wants to live in such a place. The Chairperson of CIT is a very influential personality politically. Thus, this incident was given no Media coverage. Even the Police didn’t co-operate and refused to give the security to NIFT. It was quite obvious that the Police was equally involved in this conspiracy. Who will want to live in such a place. Till the time the permanent campus isn’t completed, NIFT Bhubaneswar is hell. Even the authorities are not taking serious interests in what the students have to say. They just denied to leave this f***ing place before December 2011. They don’t want to invest anywhere else. The new batch will also have to come to CIT and remain there till December. This place and the people in the CIT are shit.

  3. Hello…m Nitin kumar m in sc category n ve got 32nd rank . m i want to take ap(apparel production) branch. So can u plz tell me… Dat during counselling which nif centre will i get for ap course.

  4. I m a shortlisted student in general cat. wid rank 222 plz tell me wat r the chances of gettin any discipline in New delhi or mumbai ??
    kindly also specify the discipline

  5. hiee malvika..

    i must say…its an awesum blog…u must be a very social kind of person..doing a gr8 job..thnks for all ur advises…wud like to meet u sumday …

    hey..i m a science student preparin for engineering….n i got selected in nift bdes with an air 314…
    do u think i will be able to get fd in any metro city center…actually i m like very much passionate abt fd so…if i didnt get dat..shud i opt for ld….

    pls advice..i need ur advice
    ur reply will be very much appreciated

  6. mam, i hv appered for nift 2011 and my rank is 524 and i want FD branch will i be getting it. If yes then in which center? If not Fashion Design then can i get branch Accessory design n in which center..plz reply its urgent…

  7. hello mam. i got 171 rank in sc category so wat r my chances in delhi or what would i get?

  8. sir /mam
    i m get rank in nift is 84 in ‘ST’. can get addmison own choice center plz tel meeeee.

    the given rank in nift is All over INDIA basis ya catagiri basis. thank uuuu .

  9. My rank is 147 in general category. Can I get FD in delhi, mumbai, bengaluru, chennai, kolkata?

  10. hiii mam, ma sister has got a 645 rank in general catoegary . i wanted to know if there are any chances of her getting into nift-delhi…? and wat are the possible stream she can get…..?

  11. HI mam
    i am from kolkata, i hav ranked 73 , i am very confused abt which course to take up & where to take it.
    I like AD but do not know what are its future prospects my 2nd choice is TD but i can’t decide which would be better fr my fuure, later on i would like to do my P G as a product designer. then again I want information about Hydrabad NIFT where i would like to take up AD. On the other hand if I take up TD how good is Kolkata in this respect? Plezzz help

  12. hello ma`am…………. reading your blogs has really been super experience for me…. this year i grabbed 121 rank in o.b.c… please give me a bit of a good idea about the centre+course, i mean what will i be getting??????????????? i am so rottenly passionately about F.D. …………. will i get F.D. either in delhi, mumbai or bangluru???????????????????

  13. hello ma`am…………. reading your blogs has really been super experience for me…. this year i grabbed 121 rank in o.b.c… please give me a bit of a good idea about the centre+course, i mean what will i be getting??????????????? i am so rottenly passionately about F.D. …………. will i get F.D. either in delhi, mumbai or bengluru???????????????????

  14. hey malvika,i got 90 rank in sc category……..can you pls tell me what i can get in this please.

  15. helo,
    dis iz madhu .u r helping evry body .therefore maam i need ur urgent help.My rank iz 29 in sc category but i dont no my councelling date.plz maam help me.coz if i get 2 know my councelling date before sum days den only i’ll b able to book my tickets to new Delhi.So maam plz help me. Its a humble request.

  16. hello,
    dis iz madhu .u r helping evry body .therefore maam i need ur urgent help.My rank iz 29 in sc category but i dont no my councelling date.plz maam help me.coz if i get 2 know my councelling date before sum days den only i’ll b able to book my tickets to new Delhi.So maam plz help me. Its a humble request.

  17. mam i hav ben waitlisted in nift situation test rank is 256 i m sc category wat r da chances dat i wil get admission……………….. plzzzzzzzzz u r requested toreply as soon as posssible nd if called i should go for councilling or not……………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply

  18. main janana chata hu ki b.des
    f.d mel shakta hai. i got rank 84 in ST. plzz tell

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  22. hi mam, im in btech 4th year, i want to pursue pg in fd,delhi. what rank must i get in general or obc inorder to get the centre and course of my choice.? i;m applicable for obc at state level, not the centre level..plz help.

  23. hello maam!
    i got 151 obc rank in nift and waitlisted . i applied for bf tech so wat to do next?

  24. hello Malvika ma’am
    I have got all india rank 193 in nift 2012 and 173 in general category in bftech .
    I have been kept in waiting list. are waitlisted candidates called for situation test? and what are the of selection in that case? plz reply soon by mailing me.hope to hear u soon.thanks in advance.

  25. hello Malvika ma’am
    i have got all india rank 193 in nift 2012 and 173 in general category in bftech. I have been waitlisted. are waitlisted candidates called for situation test? and what are my chances of selection in that case? plz reply soon by mailing me. hope to hear u soon. thanks in advance.

  26. i got 31st rank in sc category in bftech 2012..what are chances of mine getting into nift banglore..plss do reply

  27. FD or FC k alava other best cources kya 2 hain? delhi aur mumbai k alava other best centres k bare me batayen?i am from up.

  28. hello mam…. i belong to st category and i hav got 9th rank in b.f. tech…. i wanna know that which nift centre i will get….

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    please cn u tl meh that which nift centre will i get on the basis of this rank !!
    reply asap !!

  30. hi mam.
    i wrote situation test, bt yet i didnt receive the final result.. i tryd alot on net to search result of situation test, bt faild… i even searched on website: bt didnt get information about wht i wanted.. i am obc and shortlisted.. can u pls let me know hw to know my final result n counselling date n all.
    thank you..!!

  31. can u pls let me know the date of situation test result instead of only telling the month…

  32. can u pls let me know the result date for situation test

  33. hi malvika mam
    i got GEN 702 PROVISIONALLY WAITLISTED rank and 609 PROVISIONALLY WAITLISTED general rank in this year b.ds results so is i get any seat in nift
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  34. hey Malvika..

    i ranked 44 in nift OBC category for MFM course 2012.. can u please tell me which center’s are open for me…

  35. hello ma’am i have been shortlisted category wise. But there is nothing written under common merit . Does that mean i have no chance this year.,? pls reply very very urgent.

  36. maam…i hav got 221 rank in general category ….so can i get TD or FC at mumbai ? and counseling is done or category based or rank based?

  37. got 143rd rank in sc category..any chances of getting fashion communication? mumbai? or bangalore?

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    pls do answer my question soon n help me..

  39. hELLO MAM,

  40. Hlo…..sir,
    can i get other collages on the basis of nift entrance exam

  41. hiii malvika can u plz help me for my entrance exam studies

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  45. Hello mam,I got 706 rank in OBC category.Can I get a chance for councelling………….If i get a chance den which field and which branch i will get……..n what about the councelling procedure…….please reply…….

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